The file browser inside every application
Yes, you are reading correct.
GrabbyWindow™ provides a full featured file browser right inside every application. This kind of integration gives you faster and easier access to files and avoids endless import dialogs or annoying switches to the finder during e.g. layout processes.
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Easier layouting
You work with layout applications like e.g. Quark® XPress™ or Adobe ® Indesign™?
Now you can comfortably place pictures into your layout document and directly insert texts from the file browser inside your application: GrabbyWindow.

Get file contents
A very powerful feature is the content drag tool. It makes it possible, to extract the content from a file during drag – without opening the file.

Keeping track
GrabbyWindow presents the important file information at a glance. It displays image information like resolution, clipping path, IPTC and Exif-Data, texts and comments and offers a whole lot of other functions which will make your daily computer-life easier!
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Write image information
Add image information to your photos and images like caption, copyright or keywords. The saved IPTC-data can be used in many other applications and databases, too.
For extended IPTC editing functions, take a look at GrabbyWindow™ Pro.

Huge Previews & playing movies
Save previews of your image files, watch movies and listen to sound and music files with one click.
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Faster search
If you don't exactly know where your desired files are, you can search for them fast and easy. Even IPTC-Data can be found.
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Collecting Favorites
To have fast access on your important files and folders, simply collect them in the "Favorites". With one click you have access to everything.

Moreover you can use text modules, collect bookmarks and much more...

Try GrabbyWindow with your favorite applications and let it convince you of how much GrabbyWindow will lighten your work load – you will love it!

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Available for Mac OSX and Mac OS 9