Get all file information & preview at a glance – directly in the Mac Finder
edit IPTC and Quicktime movie annotations in the most comfortable way
Informator works alike the known Finder Get info but offers much more information, comfort and editing functions – all that immediately on selecting a file within the Finder.

Informator does not only show detailed image information, Exif Digital camera data, create previews and much more.
It is also the most powerful, comfortable and fastest editor for IPTC meta data and Quicktime movie annotations.

Informator allows you to edit a bunch of files at once e.g. to rename files, add icons, edit IPTC-NAA data or Quicktime User data or change permissions.

IPTC editing
Informator Pro makes IPTC editing really simple and comfortable.
IPTC data can be entered directly without any dialog. Customizable pop up menus, templates and variables will speed up your life.
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Quicktime Movie annotations
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All file information and preview at a glance
- Images
- text and rtf files
- Detailed image information: resolution, size,
color mode, profiles, clipping path and much more
- owner and permissions
- Exif and IPTC image information
- Additional EPS information
- Quicktime user data
- multipage PDFs
- Comments
- Slideshow mode
- Play video and sound files
- Flash movies and Animations
- File and volume properties
- Hex and ASCII data
- Catalog Info

Edit information and files
- Create new, detailled image previews
- extensive rename funktions
- Edit text files
- Change file type, creator code and dates
- Change permissions
- Add new icons
- Change "open with" connection
- Edit Comments
- Edit uneditable like internet shortcuts, text clippings, etc
- getting information from other apps e.g. info
of image files in layout documents
- Use edit functions in batch
- Edit IPTC data
- transform JPEG lossless (rotate, mirror,
- Rename files comfortable via templates

Comfortable Usage
- Windows can float global above all other apps
- Show / Hide windows via shortcut or "hot" corner
- Open information in an extra window
(e.g. preview)
- Shows information fast and easy simply by
selecting a file or folder in the Finder or other
apps, like Quark XPress or Adobe InDesign.
- customize own popup menus

Try it out and let it convince you of how much Informator Pro will lighten your work load – you will love it!

Available for Mac OS X only

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Available for Mac OSX only